4 Top-Notch Butcher Shops in Dubai


Every new settler in Dubai is concerned about quality grocery despite of being in the most developed city of the world and the biggest worry is to have a fresh meat for people and if you also feel the same being a new Dubai’s resident, you are mistaken because there are plenty of quality butcher shops offering fresh meat with economical prices. Therefore, begin hunting the leading meat shops and always purchase healthy meat for your family and interestingly, meat shops have come forward in this innovative era to ease the shopping experience for people by offering online shopping services.

It means that you can order quality meat from the comfort of your room and get your order instantly to cook delicious meat dishes for your family members. For ensuring that you approach the right store, this blog manifests the top-tier butcher shops for you, so explore all the amazing options and keep eating quality meat throughout living in Dubai.


If you are always worried about your food’s source and its influence on an environment then this place is for you as this one-stop meat shop offers you the morally-raised meats that are procured from USA and Australia and they are free from antibiotics and hormones, so shopping for meat there is a valuable experience. Furthermore, you also witness marinades, rubs and a wide array of smokehouse items and from tomahawk, striploin, fillet mignon to beef hotdogs, you find everything and with that, you also get inspired of its easy online shopping experience. While checking out the platform of NowNow, you also find a wide array of meat shops to make purchases from, so visit this site with the NowNow offers.

2-Meats & Cuts

It is also the well-reputed meat shop that you can consider for grabbing fresh meat and it is essential to know that the meats are brought from the leading farms of USA & Australia making this spot widely famous among locals and foreigners. Moreover, you can also shop for cold cuts and the tailored cheese’s platters and that is not all, you can also order the barbecue boxes along with the beef ribs, so giving it a try is also inevitable for you.

3-Prime Gourmet

Yes, it has also been in the butchery scene of city for so long offering quality meat items and right from wagyu- beef to a wide array of cuts, you find everything that fills-up your fridge with a quality stuff. Moreover, this shop is also economical; hence, you find people making purchases from it and honestly, the Saroma wagyu is the best-selling item of this spot.

4-The Meat Avenue

While checking it out, you find this place very popular for grain-fed meat, hormone-free chicken along with the high-quality lamb’s cuts brought from New Zealand and Australia. Additionally, cuts consist of everything from ribeye, steak, lamb to wagyu steaks, so you should make purchases according to your particular requirement and yes, this butcher shop also turns out to be reasonable for you.

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