5 Steps to Creating a Stunning Feature Wall with Lucida Laminates

Lucida Kitchen Laminates

Our laminates’ excellent quality, outstanding beauty, and unrivaled durability are revolutionizing the field of interior design. It doesn’t matter if you’re remodeling your house, creating a commercial space, or working on a hospitality project; our laminates are the best option for any interior design project because of their numerous advantages.

Our high gloss laminates are specifically created laminates. These attractive laminates have a mirror-like sheen and require no care, even though they have great resilience to scratches, stains, and abrasions. Whatever your preference, these quality laminates will meet all of your interior decorating demands, whether it is for glossy dreamlike interiors or an elegant chic atmosphere.

5 Steps to Create a Stunning Feature Wall are:

  1. Organising

To achieve an excellent finish, it is essential to prepare and gather ideas before beginning your feature wall project. Start by visualizing the overall appearance and atmosphere you wish to create. Think of things like the room’s current furnishings, patterns, textures, and color palettes. You may choose the ideal design for your own taste from a variety of styles offered by our Laminates, including both traditional and contemporary styles.

  1. Choosing the Ideal Laminate

The appropriate Laminate design is essential for producing an appealing focal point wall. You may explore many options with our huge library. Whatever your taste is, our Laminates offers something for you, whether you choose loud, vivid designs or quiet, discreet textures. Take your time browsing over the choices, keeping in mind the room’s overall style as well as how the design you choose will work with the current features of your room.

  1. Getting the Surface Clean

The right surface preparation is necessary to guarantee a smooth installation. To begin, scrub the wall well to get rid of any dust, grime, or oil. Make sure the surface is uniform and smooth, and fix any flaws like cracks or holes. This action lays the groundwork for a feature wall that will last for a long time and look stunning.

  1. Installing Procedures

It’s time to bring to life your vision now that you have selected the ideal Laminate design and can install the surface. There are several ways to install our laminates.

  1. Giving it a final touch

The finishing touches that enhance the room’s overall appearance and atmosphere are the last stage in constructing a magnificent feature wall. To increase the visual impact of your feature wall, think about adding complementary components like ornate trimmings, lighting, or artwork. These modifications will provide a unified and coherent look that is certain to make an impact.

Final Overview

Any room may be made into a visual masterpiece by adding a gorgeous feature wall with Lucida Laminates. Don’t forget to prepare the surface meticulously, use suitable installation procedures, choose the ideal Laminate design, and add the finishing touches to complete the look. We at our company are committed to giving you the best materials and knowledge to support you in realizing your creative aspirations. Start using our Laminates to create a striking feature wall right away!

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