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Final Fantasy XIV Gil is an invaluable commodity, enabling players to explore all areas of content and increase their strength. Furthermore, having enough Gil allows for accessing better weapons, gear and mounts.

Earn FFXIV Gil by engaging in quests, dungeons and the Market Board. Additionally, gathering and day trading can also bring in some extra income.


Players in Final Fantasy XIV can earn Gil by crafting items with high demand or selling them on the Market Board for a profit, though crafting can be time consuming and ineffective at earning Gil.

One way of earning Gil is through Leves. These missions offer plenty of EXP as well as Gil. Treasure maps offer one of the easiest and most consistent ways to earn Gil. Typically protected by a boss or elite monster that drops materials that can be sold off via the Market Board.


Gil is the main currency in Final Fantasy XIV, and players can earn it by completing quests and guildleves, acquiring items through errands, buying rumors from Tavern patrons or collecting battle rewards. Furthermore, players may acquire Gil by selling equipment or loot on Market Board.

Crafters can generate steady streams of gil through crafting or by selling completed items on the Market Board, while Beast Tribe quests offer massive rewards in terms of Gil and Tomestones as well as providing access to unique materials and equipment. Treasure Maps can be an excellent source of gil, yet can also be risky investments. Items listed for sale on the Market Board often fluctuate in price, so keeping an eye out can help make some extra coin.


FFXIV offers plenty of opportunities for players to earn and spend ffxiv gil. Most main story quests, dungeons, and Duty Roulettes award a substantial amount of Gil. In addition, players can accumulate gil by completing guildleve quests or selling items to NPCs or the Market Board.

Crafting is one of the best ways to earn buy ffxiv gil, particularly at the start of a new patch. Gathering is also effective at producing Gil quickly when available; Treasure Maps provide another good source of Gil as they frequently yield equipment or consumables in high demand.

Treasure Hunts

FFXIV’s Dungeons and Quests provide numerous ways of earning Gil, but this process takes time. However, there are a few strategies which can speed up this process; such as:

Gathering materials is an efficient and lucrative way to earn ffxiv gil, since materials are always in demand. Be mindful of market board prices and focus on items with high demand.

Treasure maps in Final Fantasy XIV offer another effective means of earning Gil. Not only can they offer free gil, but some yield items which sell for higher amounts on the Market Board such as furnishings, mounts or special dyes – potentially earning you even more Gil!

Retainer Ventures

Retainers are an indispensable component of Final Fantasy XIV. While player housing remains problematic at higher levels, these NPC aides offer an easy way to earn passive money passively in the background.

Retainers use Ventures as their currency for performing various tasks, with experience and level ups for themselves as rewards; depending on the type of Venture, this could also include items that can be sold on the Market Board.

Ventures that provide the greatest rewards include Waterside Exploration, which requires Fisher classes, yielding random items such as Allagan Bronze and Silver pieces. Procurement Ventures require more time but provide greater experience as well as exclusive minions.

Market Board

ffxiv gil can be used by players for various activities in-game such as housing, gearing, having food and potions available for raiding, having glamour for characters and minions as well as purchasing cosmetic mounts. Items in high demand often fetch high prices in the market – however this requires investing a considerable sum of Gil. New players should use caution in this approach.

Market boards aren’t available to free trial players, thus decreasing their need for Gil. Overall this can be an excellent way to earn Gil; just remember that your return on investment depends on when it is in the patch cycle cycle.

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