What Happen During an Online Proctored Exam


Universities and educational institutions are relying on online proctored tests as online education grows more and more popular to assess student learning. online exam proctoring involves keeping an eye on students to make sure they are following all rules and regulations. Online proctoring solutions have become more widely used recently, but it’s crucial to know what may and cannot happen during an online exam that’s being proctored.

What Might Take Place During A Online Proctored  Exam?

  • Identity Confirmation

Various techniques are used by online proctoring programs 

to confirm the student’s identity prior to the exam. This can entail requesting the student’s government-issued identification, such as a passport or driver’s license. In order to verify the student’s identification, the proctor may additionally request that they face the camera. To confirm the student’s identification, several proctoring programs use facial recognition technology.

  • Live Streaming

A proctor will observe the student in real-time via video and audio during an exam that is being proctored. The proctor may also keep an eye on the student’s screen to make sure they are not using any unapproved materials or tools while taking the test. The proctor could ask the student to show them their surroundings so they can make sure no unauthorized people or objects are there.

  • Examination Session Recording

For later reference, proctoring tools often record the whole exam session. This is carried out to make sure the student did not cheat or disregard any exam regulations. A screen capture, audio, and video may all be included in the recording.

  • Intervention By A Proctor

The exam may be stopped if the proctor intervenes if they notice any suspicious behavior or examination rules being broken. The proctor may ask the student to show them where they are or to stop utilizing forbidden items. If the infraction is serious, the proctor may stop the exam and inform the organization about it.

What Cannot Occur During An Online Exam That Is Proctored?

  • Breach Of Privacy

The privacy of the student cannot be violated by proctoring systems, even though they may record the entire exam session. Only during the exam may the proctor keep an eye on the student; not at any other time. The student’s personal emails, social media accounts, and computer files are off-limits to the proctor.

  • Discrimination

Anti-discrimination rules and regulations must be complied with while using online proctoring solutions. A student’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability cannot be used by the proctor as grounds for discrimination. All pupils must be treated fairly and equally by the proctor.

  • Technical Errors

Exams that are proctored could experience technical difficulties or mistakes. These bugs could prevent students from accessing the exam or cause them to lose their work. Institutions of higher learning should make sure they have dependable online proctoring software and technical support to handle any problems that might develop during the exam.

  • Prevention Of Cheating

Online proctored tests can lessen cheating, but they cannot eradicate it entirely. By working with others or using other devices, students might still discover a way to cheat. Institutions of higher learning must be on the lookout for cheating and make sure the online proctoring systems they employ are reliable.

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It’s crucial to remember that there should be other ways to assess students’ learning outside online proctoring. It ought to be utilized in conjunction with other forms of evaluation, like projects, assignments, and participation in class. This will ensure that the evaluation of students is comprehensive and that the evaluation of their learning outcomes is precise.

Finally, it should be noted that online proctoring is a crucial tool for assessing student learning in online education. It can ensure that students follow the rules and requirements of the exam and can offer a safe and fair online exam environment. To ensure reliable evaluation of student learning outcomes, it is crucial to understand what can and cannot happen during an online proctored exam and to use online proctoring in conjunction with other assessment techniques.

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